Come to our Winter Cupcake Land!!

At the LCC (Laredo civic center)

Our Special Day

Come to a special event We need you to bring your family for Delicious fun,there is going to be a snowball fight,prizes,and a big,giant surprise,a GIANT CUPCAKE!!!!!!!!


6:00 -snowball fight6:30 -pass out cupcakes and drinks7:00 -play of A Christmas Carol7:30 -play on snow play ground8:00 -pick-up

Cupcake wonderland

Tuesday, Dec. 16th, 6-8pm

2400 San Bernardo Avenue

Laredo, TX

Come see the most fantastic cupcake party ever! If you don't have anything to do,come to the cupcake wonderland!!! Your kids will have a awesome time there is going to be a snowball fight,a piñata,and FREE cupcakes! There is also going to be a play on "A CHRISTMAS CAROL".