This Week at Albion

Check out below for the topics we will be covering this week

The Week of February 1st-5th:

Language Arts 1: Alice in Wonderland

RL.68.7c: Identify key similarities or differences between print and multimedia/live productions of the same story, drama or poem.

RL.68.10c Actively engage in supported grade-level/age-appropriate, adapted literature materials.

W.68.9b Gather and organize information from (adapted) grade-level/age-appropriate literary or informational materials

Language Arts 2: The Giver

RL.68.6c Identify who is telling the story (narrator vs. character)

RL.68.10a Read supported grade-level/age appropriate adapted literature materials.

Math: Solve real-world problems involving perimeter

Cooking: Healthy Foods

Transition: Hygiene and Manners

Art: Positive and Negative Space

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Mustang Awards

Monday, Feb. 1st, 12pm

11109 Webster Road

Strongsville, OH

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, 4-7pm

11109 Webster Road

Strongsville, OH

Ms. Pruckner: Room 312

Mrs. Sullivan (Conner): Room 316

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Polaris Field Trip

Friday, Feb. 5th, 9am

7285 Old Oak Boulevard

Middleburg Heights, OH

8th grade students and staff will be traveling to Polaris Career Center on Friday from 9-11:00. Students will take a tour of the facility and see presentations on the various programs offered.