Interior Designer

By: Ava Buelow

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Three Tasks That Are Required

  • Interior designers help people figure out what styles they want in their homes.
  • They must research and sketch out plans for each room they design.
  • They must cooperate and involve the client's opinion in the project.

Three Skills That Are Required

  • You must be very efficient
  • You have to know how to work well with employees
  • You have to be a good people's person

Minimum Education

To be an interior designer, you must have a bachelor's degree that is particularly guided to interior designing

Median Wages

The median wage each year for an interior designer is $48,840, and the hourly pay is $23.48.

Projected Job Openings

An interior designer's job outlook in years from 2014-24 is 4%, which is slower than average. The employment change from 2014-24 is 2,200.