Henry Clay Frick is Wanted for being a Robber Baron!

$20,000 Reward!


Henry Clay Frick is a slightly over-weight man with a full beard and mustache. He is middle-aged, and has brown and gray hair.

General Information

Henry Clay Frick worked in the coal and coke industry. Advantages at the time were that steel was becoming popular, and coke is an important ingredient. Also, coal was becoming more popular as well. But, on the other hand, mining coal was very dangerous.

Wanted for being a Robber Baron

Henry Clay Frick is considered a robber baron. He bought out all his competition and made a partnership with Carnegie. He controlled most coal and coke industry. Frick also brought in strike-breakers and was known for his "anti- worker and anti-union stance." He lowered wages for his workers, refused to negotiate with Unions, and refused to let Union members work for him. Not only was he cruel to his workers, he used a lot of his money to build his huge mansion. Although he did donate some money to different charities, it wasn't until after he died.