By: Tivis Graybeal

Size of Russia

Russia has a total size of 17,098,242 sq. km. Of all that land, 16,337,742 sq. km is land and the other 720,500 sq. km is water.

Population of Russia

The total population of Russia is 142,470,272, of that 77.7% are Russians, 3.7% is Tatar, 1.4% is Ukrainian, 1.1% is Bashkir, 1% is Chuvash, 1% is Chechen, and 14.1% is unspecified.

Russia's Education System

Russia's total school life expectancy is about 14 years of age. For Russian males it is 14 years old. For Russian Females it is 15 years old.

Russia's Military

The Russian Military consists of many branches, including, but not limited to, Ground Troops, The Navy, and The Air Force.

Russia's Physical Features

Mount El'brus is Europe's tallest peak; Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world, is estimated to hold one fifth of the world's fresh water

Russia's Economy

Russia has undergone significant changes since the collapse of the Soviet Union, moving from a globally-isolated, centrally-planned economy to a more market-based and globally-integrated economy.