Think Learning 8

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Week commencing: 9th June 2014

The ILT edition

Welcome to Think Learning 8. This edition will focus on Information Learning Technology and will include useful tips on using VLE sites most effectively, sharing good practice from colleagues across College and links to a range of web tools that you may want to try.

Virtual Learning Environment

Here are some inspirational ways to use the VLE:

Learning Smarter

This software is currently being trialed by a group of staff and should be available college wide by the start of next academic year. Learning Smarter allows learners to respond to open ended or closed questions via any web enabled device such as a smart phone, tablet or personal computer. Further, it encourages reflective learning by the use of pre-prepared questions and checkpoint questions to assess understanding and progress. It can be use as an evaluation tool and as an aid to Assessment for Learning.

If you would like early access to the software please contact Paula on to arrange. To see it in action click on the link and check out these videos

Video Marking

Ever wished you could record yourself giving learners' detailed verbal feedback that would support them to achieve further improvements? Three members of staff are currently exploring different ways of marking learners' written and practical work via the use of video.

Initial findings suggest that learners' find this type of feedback useful. They watch and listen to the feedback, multiple times and this has a positive impact on the quality of their work. It also encourages the learners to be more independent. The teachers involved report that this provides a higher quality of feedback as they are able to expand and discuss the learner's next steps for development in context.

If you want to explore how you could also utilise video marking please contact Paula Kilburn on

Award winning Team

Congratulations to Karl Johnson, Patrick Jordan and Matt Fodor on winning the RSC Northern's e-learning award for their innovative work on video marking.
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This is a new tool for using on the Interactive Whiteboard. It is a quick and easy way to create 'jeopardy' style games that can be used with learners in groups/teams. Tutorial

Ceremony of the Pens

This is a photograph of John Davies and Donna Ross, TPS Faculty, receiving their pens from Mick Hickey. It was taken by Qaisa Shahraz Ahmed - the ITE Ofsted Inspector, who was in SRC at the time. She was delighted to witness the first Ceremony of the Pens at Stockton Riverside College. The pens were awarded to 37 members of staff, who were graded outstanding in their recent observations.
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