Feed Teaching Component

Pages 20-40


- Link and Marty are fighting about whether or not the Ricochet Lounge sucks

- Titus is worried that the beautiful girl might think that him and his friends are stupid and immature

- After going to the bathroom and looking in the mirror, Quendy expresses her embarrassment about the lesion that’s spreading on her forehead

- Marty asks the beautiful girl to give her opinion on the lesion that nobody else seems to notice

- Titus finds the lesion that wraps around her neck like a choker is attractive

- The girl says that Quendy’s lesion isn’t that bad because it’s outside the imaginary lines that split up her face

- Marty and Link fight over the girl’s attention and Quendy, Calista and Loga aren’t happy about all the attention given to the random girl

- The girl is flirting with Link which makes Titus jealous but she keeps looking at Titus

- Titus wants to be with the girl for the night

- All the girls help Quendy switch up her hairstyle to show off her lesion which makes Quendy happy because Calista is usually the one getting all the attention

- Titus learns the girls name is Violet and she is on the moon by herself

- They want to get drunk before they go to the club so they stop by Sombrero Dot

- They realize that it closed down and turned into a mall so they decided to buy stuff which ended in disappointment

- Link decides that they should break into the minibar before they head to the club

- On the way to the hotel a protest is going on and is broadcasted and received in Titus’ head, “Chip in my head? I’m better off dead!” (Anderson 32).

- After being unsuccessful in opening the minibar, Marty asks if they want to malfunction (get messed up and high electronically).

- After disagreeing with his suggestion everyone heads to The Rumble Spot

- While the artificial gravity was turned off for a little, Violet grabs Titus’ arm and they share a moment

- Pictures are shown on the dance floor and an old man announces, “We enter a time of calamity!” (Anderson 38).

- He touches Titus, Violet, Marty, Link, and eventually the rest of the club are broadcasting the same thing and the man began speaking gibberish

- The police enter the scene and hit the man to the ground

- The police shut Titus off and he went unconscious

Literary Lenses


- Marty and Link continued to fight over Violet like she was a piece of meat

- All Quendy cared about was her vanity and was stressed out about the lesion on her face while the boys didn’t care about theirs

- Violet felt uncomfortable when she was in the hotel room, didn’t say anything, and went with what the group of guys wanted to do

- Quendy, Calista, and Loga only felt validation when they got attention from the boys

Cultural Studies

- The feed influenced everyone including Titus who didn’t really want much at the mall but ended up buying useless stuff anyway because the feed kept throwing prices around in his head (The feed makes decisions for everyone)

- Getting high, drunk, and partying is all teenagers did on the moon. Marty, Titus, and Link wanted to make it an every night occurrence. (Teenagers get bored easily and getting messed up is the only exciting thing to do)

- Teenagers have become less intellectual, using more and more slang. Everyone in the group had to pull out dictionaries to look up the word suppuration which shouldn’t happen in everyday conversations.


How does Anderson's work question the dangers of over reliance on technology?

Anderson is explaining her novel that if the human race gets too attached to technology and they lose it, people won’t be able to function without it. Overreliance on anything isn’t okay, because it could be gone in a second. In Feed’s case a hacker tested this theme and caused uproar in society. Technology can be compromised easily, and if too much pressure is being put on it, everyday life can go terribly wrong.

Discussion Question:

If someone could hack into your brain and play ideas or a running loop or even commercials, what should their punishment be? Are the police too excessive with the hacker?

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