Come Settle In Texas

By:Thalia Armendariz

Why to settle in Texas

Why to settle in Texas?

You should settle in Texas because there is plenty of land for farming also cattle ranching, and it is mostly sunny and there is a lot of land.

What to do in Texas

What to do in Texas?

You can do a lot of thing in Texas like visit the Alamo, go farming and a lot more things that you can come and see. I suggest you should come visit Texas to do these events.

Supplies you'll need to survive?

What supplies will you need to survive?

Most important things you need to survive in Texas is water, food, shelter, transportation and protection. You will need these things so you can stay alive in Texas.

How is the weather?

The weather is very nice. It is about 60-80 degreeF. It is pretty hot during the summer and it depends in the winter sometime it snows in the winter.


This is a map of Texas. Texas is big so you can go any where you want and see different thing if you visit Texas.

Texas history

Spain settled in Texas in 1519 using missions.

Mexico had its revelation in 1821 and that is when Texans had trouble with Mexicans.

The Texans and the Mexicans started the Alamo. The Alamo was located in San Antonio T.X. The Alamo all started because the Mexican wanted San Antonio and the Texans did not want to give it to them and that's how the fight started.

Amount of land each settler receive?

How much land does each settler receive?

  • Husband: 320 acres
  • Wife: 160 acres
  • Children: 80 acres
  • Slave: 40 acres