Aboriginal People

By Jack and Andrew


  • The Aboriginal people settled in the northern territory of Australia.
  • They settled along rivers because most of the area around them was wetlands.
  • They used the rivers for travel and clean water.
  • The Aborigines made canoes to make travel along the rivers very easy.
  • The livestock around the area was very good. They hunted big game like kangaroos and small game like rabbits.
  • Compared to other societies, living in Australia was one of the better places to live.


  • The Aboriginal people hunted and gathered their food.
  • The weapons they used where boomerangs and spears.
  • They traded the stone tools and boomerangs they made for alliance and harmony with other tribes.
  • They had no money system.
  • The Aborigines had a system where men hunted and woman gathered plants and made food for the family.
  • The Aboriginal people were very peaceful and didn't like to fight with other tribes.
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  • There is no leader within the aboriginal people.
  • They don't have a social class system.
  • All that mattered was your gender and age.
  • To gain power, you had to know a lot of knowledge about the tribe and have good ritual performance.
  • Even though they had no leader, the people that had a lot of power pretty much ruled the tribe.
  • The Aboriginal people lacked laws for the tribe, but even without laws, the tribe is known to be very peaceful.


  • Formed 50,000 years ago
  • Carried by debris to get to Australia
  • Artifacts
  • Tribe still exists


  • Each group of aborigines prays for many different gods
  • Don't believe in animism
  • Believe that plants and animals have souls
  • Believe in the kinship system (Everyone is related to each other in the tribe)