Distant Worlds Closer Than Home:

Social Justice Storytelling Through Fantasy, SF, & Horror


Fantasy, science fiction and horror can be sites for radical thought and decolonial practices. In these genres, we can create new worlds and bring dreams of social justice into reality.

In this playful workshop, we explore some of the themes of fantasy, science fiction, and horror to better understand our lives. We come together to imagine futures where social justice rules. And, we aim to transform the workshop into a play space where participants share as equals, not rivals.

Our play space is open and free, so stay as long as you like. Please join us! Here’s how we fly:

  1. Get a galactic passport. Feel free to feed the dragon by drawing a selfie in the frame! If you please, inscribe your name, superpowers, and prime directive.

  2. Friendship is magic! Form a guild of 3 to 4 people. Introduce yourself and your gender pronoun. Share what brings you to this playful workshop.

  3. Explore the play stations as a guild. We suggest spending 15 minutes per station. When your guild is done at one play station, take a minute to authorize each other’s galactic passport with signatures, smiley faces, your phone number, etc. Feel free to form larger communities at the play stations; the more gamers, the more fun!

  4. Convergence! At 4:45 all guilds come together in GSB 124 to celebrate in community.

Art: Djinn Child, "In the Depths", 2013.

Distant Worlds Closer Than Home: Social Justice Storytelling Through Fantasy, Science Fiction, & Horror

Friday, April 4th, 3:45-5:15pm

Graduate School of Business, Room 124, Mills College, Oakland, CA, United States

Oakland, CA

3:45-4:00: Welcome

4:00-5:00: 'Play' Station Explorations

5:00-5:10: Convergence

5:10-5:15: Closure

Art: Wangechi Mutu, "Family Tree 3", 2012.

Laura Mvula - That's Alright

About Darshan Elena Campos

Learning is Darshan's lifeblood. She has a passion for teaching history, popular culture, and formal academic writing to students who are the first in their families to attend college, youth of color, and immigrant students. Darshan also loves to join, build, and sustain social movements around educational transformation. Learning is awesome. Let's make it so!

Art: Djinn Child, "Darshan Elena Campos", 2014

About Stephanie Der

Stephanie Der is a reader who discovered the online fandom community at a young age. The fan community allowed her to deepen her understanding of feminism, practice social justice storytelling, and receive awesome book recommendations. She hopes to bring some of that fangirl exuberance to this workshop so we can make something extraordinary together! So say we all!