Trampoline Group Date

By Angel Xie and Nancy Liu

Welcome to the trampoline party!!

Grab a drink and jump with your friends

Trampoline Party

Friday, March 6th, 5:30-7pm

23251 Avenida De La Carlota

Laguna Hills, CA

Jump all you want!
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  • Rock climbing race
  • Foam pit arena
  • Trampoline race
  • Trampoline capture the flag

Reasons why

Since there's no school on Friday, that means free play; and if you are a party animal, this is built for you.

Amount of people & Cost

At least 10 students

You invite up to 3 friends

The max amount of students are 25 people

The cost of the ticket for Big Air Trampoline Park for each students are $28 (2 hours)

Required items

  • $30 participation/ticket money
  • Yourself
  • A friend

Possible Future Outing

Beach Party at Laguna Beach, free BBQ!


Sport teachers

Mr. Hough

Ms. Schmitt

Mr. Bosshart


  • No abuse to any other students
  • No sexual harassment
  • No bullying


Free wifi

Wonderful times to spend with your friends

Free ice shakes or any candy

Full 2 hours and 30 minutes of free jumping

Crazy activities