Earthworm Virtual Dissection Lab

Richie Scroggins 3/9/14 Mrs.Vu-PAP Bio-1


The earthworm ( Lumbricus terrestris) is in the Phylum Annelida. Earthworms live within the soil and arent typically found in dry or cold places. The earthworms have adapted to live in these places. For example earthworms have setae, briskly hairs on their segments, which help with movement underground. They also dont have any appendages or antenae which alow them to fit into tighter spaces without getting in the way.

Predators/Food/Life Cycle

The earthworm has many predators. Some predators of the earthworm are snakes, birds, and rodents. The earthworm is a decomposer, eating dead or decaying matter. Like all organism the earthworm has different stages within it's lifespan.



Earthworm dissection lab

The objectives of the earthworm lab were:

-Examine internal organs and structure

-Examine external structures

-Be able to identify different parts of the earthworm, internal and external

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Buccal cavity, pharnyx, heart, seminal receptacles, seminal vesicles, crop, gizzard, septa, dorsal blood vessel.