are there more Earth like planet's in the univurse?

Other planets??

There is Earth wich is the only one who holds life and has water in liquid,yes Earth holds life,but is there more Earth like planets?? Infact there is there are more than 1,000 planets discovered that are some what earth like but have some minor differances. But there is more planets to discover.KEPLER is the probe sattelight that goes into space and find's those Earth like planets.Maby just maby KEPLER might find a planet that has life.


Kepler was a probe made by NASA to find distant Earth like planets.It was named after Johannes Kepler who was a famous astronomer who discoverd eliptical changes in Earth.Kepler's missions profile was called K2.
The Kepler Mission - Finding the Next Earth Latest News!!!


Kepler found many planets thought to be Earth,but the astronomers have to see and get info from kepler to find out.Kepler found: Kepler435b,Kepler168f, and Kepler2901 are few of the many of planets found.


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