Walking Library

Encouraging Literacy at All Ages

What it's all about

Every child should have a favorite book, but every adult should too. Unfortunately, there are people in our own town who do not own a single book. In order to spread the love of reading to all ages, we are going to bring the books to where they are needed the most....

How it works: The Walk

People can participate in one of three ways:
1) Sign up to be a "Walking Library" Wagon Puller
2) Leave donated books outside to be picked up by our Walkers
3) Stop by the Wagon Parade to pick out books to take home to your family!

Another Subtopic

Statistics about Literacy will go here.

When and Where

Thursday, May 23rd, 8am

221 South Park Avenue

Kendallville, IN

The walk will start and end at the library, where people may drop off or pick out books. The walkers will make a loop from Park Ave. to Diamond St. to Main St. and back.

Why we need your help...

Restate you main idea and summarize your main points. How anyone can make a difference!