Jackrabbit Readers

Jackson-Keller Library Newsletter- October Edition

Upcoming library events:

Oct. 19th-Oct. 29th: Join our Literacy Pumpkin Patch by bringing in your decorated (not cut or carved) pumpkin as your favorite storybook character. Each participant earns a Spirit Stick. All pumpkins must go home by Thurs., Oct. 29th.

Oct. 19th: All author book order forms are due to library with payment for 2nd-5th graders

Nov. 2nd-6th: Fall Book Fair in the library

Nov. 12: Author, Kimberly Willis Holt visiting 2nd-5th graders at JK

Library Happenings

Growing storybook pumpkins in the library

Show us your favorite storybook character by decorating a pumpkin and bringing it to the library. Get creative. Use paint, markers, cloth, felt, beads...whatever you can think of, but please don't cut, carve or poke holes into the pumpkin. This is not a contest, but each participating student will receive a fun library spirit stick! Help transform the library into our very own literacy pumpkin patch! We will be featuring some on the announcements each day, so start planning it now!

Book fair is coming

Are you as excited as we are? We can't wait to see what great new books arrive in our book fair cases. We will have student preview day on Monday, November 2nd and the book fair will be open the rest of the week, closing at noon on Friday, November the 6th. You can even purchase books using the online link (more info coming). Parents, looking for a fun way to spend a few hours and earn some book fair bucks? Come volunteer at the book fair! Students, word on the street is that we will even have the brand new Wimpy Kid for sale!

Author, Kimberly Willis Holt is coming to JK

We are very excited to be hosting award winning author, Kimberly Willis Holt. Second grade through fifth graders will get to hear where Ms. Holt gets inspirations for her books, what her writing and editing process is and can ask her questions about her writing. Visit her website for more information and a listing of all her wonderful books. She will autograph all books ordered through the library. Order forms are due by Monday, October 19th.

Dot day at JK

Oh the fun, our Kinder through Second graders had celebrating their creativity and uniqueness by leaving their "mark". We read Peter Reynold's book, The Dot. Students used the Quiver app to view their creations in 3D.

Becoming good digital citizens

All JK students have been learning what it means to be a good digital citizen. We have discussed not giving out our passwords, obtaining parent permission before getting online, ensuring that we use positive words with others when online and making sure that we understand copyright. What we create is ours; what others create is theirs. It is stealing if we take credit for something that we did not create.

Poetry, anyone?

Wow! JK has been busy sharing our poems of the month with our friends and family. Students have been consistently delivering their completed poetry pages in anticipation of their coveted "smelly" bookmark. We have loved even getting to hear a few of them deliver their oral recitation of the poem of the month. So proud of you all!

PAWSitive Readers

JK would like to welcome Mrs. Bernie Barnes and her certified therapy dog, Gus, to our JK campus. Gus is a certified therapy dog who will get to listen to some of our super JK readers. This dynamic duo will be coming weekly and we are so excited to have this special treat. The Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.) program works to improve children's reading and communication skills. Be looking for Gus to make a special appearance on the morning announcements on Friday, November 6th!

JK Library Pages

We are so excited for finally have our new Library Pages. These are fourth and fifth grade students with excellent citizenship, grades and strong teacher recommendations. They come help in the library once a week during their recess by shelving books, dusting, organizing and so much more. We love our Pages! Thank you for all your help.

Parent Accounts

Parents, did you know that you can check out up to ten books from our school library? Did you know that you can use that same ID number to check out digital books from our eBook collection? Come by the library and we will get you signed up with an account and show you how to check out from our extensive digital collection. You may also use this link to create your parent account.

Interested in volunteering?

Parents, we are always looking for parent volunteers to help us in the library on a weekly basis or for some of our special events. If you would like to help, please contact the librarian, Laurie Darilek and we will get you plugged in. We need you!

August and September library statistics

We have been staying very busy and are thrilled by all the reading happening at JK!

Take a look:

Kinder: 329 books

1st: 542 books

2nd: 1,380 books

3rd: 1,085 books

4th: 1,175 books

5th: 1,059 books

Parent and teachers: 276 books

Total books circulated: 5,946