Have You Ever Been Cyber bullied Before

Explantion Paragragh

 Cyber bulling is when someone hurts your feeling, threaten you, and talks about you behind your back online, and like if you post a picture of you and someone see it they can go around the whole school talking about you. Cyber bulling can happen on any website like face book, twitter, Yolo space, and more websites.

Cyber bulling is very SERIOUSLY

I'm Teaching Someone else How to Stay from CYBER BULLING

1. Tell a trusted adult2. Report the incidents to your mobile phone provider if you’ve received bullying texts or calls on your mobile3. Block messages or email.4. Report serious bulling, such as threats of a physical or sexual nature5. Don’t delete the upsetting emails or messages. Keep the evidence. This will help to identify the perpetrator if the bullying is anonymous.6. Don’t respond to anyone who’s bulling you.