Web Safety

How to be safe online/

Today's World Revolving Around the Internet

The Internet offers so many opportunities to explore, create and collaborate. And to make the most of the web, it’s important to keep yourself safe and secure. Whether you’re a new Internet user or an expert, the advice and tools here can help you navigate the web safely and securely.

There are different things you can do to stay safe!

  • Signing in and out

Signing into your Google Account is simple and useful, but know when it is important to sign out as well.

  • Managing multiple accounts

Many devices now support multiple online accounts. Learn more about how to control which account you use, and when.

  • Keep your device clean
Find out some common signs that your device might be infected with malware—malicious software designed to harm your device or network—and how you can protect yourself.

  • Online shopping safety
As more users begin to purchase goods online, we came up with a few online shopping safety tips for you.

Internet Safety Tips for Teens - Helpful AND Funny