Organic Molecule Poster

Made by Shamar Scales


Elements found in carbohydrates are carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, wich is a 1:2:1 ratio. Subunits or monomers of carbohydrates are monosaccharides also known as glucose or sugar. The function of carbohydrates meaning what it does is the main source of energy for living things. C6H12O6


Elements found in lipids are carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen but mainly carbon and hydrogen. Subunits or monomers of lipids are fatty acids and glycerol. Functions of lipids or what id does is long-term energy storage cell membranes insulation.


Elements found in protein is carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. sub units of proteins or monomers are amino acids. Functions of what proteins do is long term energy storage cell membranes insulation. Proteins are like beans and red meats

Nucleic Acids

Elements found in nucleic acid are carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen phosphorous. Sub units or monomers is nucleotides. The functions are our heredity