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Henry Ford School Newsletter, December 7, 2020

Principal's Message

Dear Henry Ford Families,

The Holidays are upon us, and the shopping season has begun. If your child gets as anxious as my children did to receive gifts later in the month, then you’ve probably been shopping or been thinking about the purchases you need to make. As you prepare for this gift-giving season, be conscious when purchasing personal electronic items for your child's room.

Since March, Distance Learning has been a way of life for our children. They have been given access to the internet through their computers daily. This device has been a life saver in many different ways because of all the resources and learning tools at children's disposal. However, research has shown that children do better academically if they do not have so many electronic devices such a television or electronic game systems in their rooms. These same studies have concluded that family communication can decrease significantly among children who have televisions, computers, and personal music systems to freely use, especially if they are able to lock themselves up in their bedrooms. The communication gap increases, and many children become disrespectful and aloof. It was particularly worse among children who also had their own cell phones that weren’t monitored at an early age and computers that can be used to freely roam the internet without restrictions.

The studies didn’t suggest eliminating electronic items, but rather monitoring their use making them available in the home where everyone has easy access. Family rooms or living rooms, even the kitchen, were shown to be the best places to have these items for the whole family to enjoy. Nevertheless, now that children have their own computers, these devices need to be more closely monitored and regularly checked.

Whatever gifts you chose to reward your child with this season, please think of the possible impact on his/her life. All children in general could use more education-related gifts. But of course, the best gift we can give our children is more of our time and love.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or have other traditions, may you and your family enjoy the best of this Holiday Season!


Al Rosell, Principal, Henry Ford School

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All Meeting Links will be emailed


8, Tuesday, PTA Meeting, 7:00 PM

9, Wednesday, SELAC Information Meeting, 6:00 PM

9, Wednesday, RCSD Board Meeting, 7:00 PM

10, Wednesday, Dine Out For Henry Ford - Redwood City BBQ

18, Friday, Super Minimum Day — School is out at 11:45 AM

21-Jan 4, Holiday Vacation Break — No School

Return to In-Person Teaching and Learning Survey Results

Two weeks ago you should have received an email with a survey regarding In-Person Learning. The results of the survey will help the School organize classes to help accommodate as many students as possible who would like to return to school for In-Person Teaching and Learning.

Approximately 68% of families have responded. We need to hear from at least 90% of our families to best determine how many students we can accommodate who desire to return to school on January 19, 2021. If you did not receive your survey, please contact your child's teacher who will forward the survey to you. Families who don't reply will remain with Distance Learning.

It should be noted that if your child's teacher returns to In-Person Teaching and Learning, they will not be the one providing Distance Learning. If the teacher remains as a Distance Learning Teacher, they will not be the one providing In-Person Teaching and Learning. If you selected to follow your child's teacher's choice, your child will remain with his/her teacher.

Students' reassignments will be made available by the end of the first week in January after the Holiday break. If you have questions or concerns or if you need the survey, please contact the teacher or the School Office: 650-482-2404


If you have a kindergarten child starting school next year or if you have a friend or neighbor who would like to consider enrolling in one of our schools, Registration opened last week.

The online application is available on the RCSD website: (

This page includes the list of all of the required documents for all students.

- The 2021-2022 application timeline can be found here. (

English Online Application: (

Spanish Online Application: (

Families having difficulties registering online may call the District Office at 650-482-2200 to schedule an appointment.

Families who are considering Henry Ford School, please invite them to see the following presentation that explains a little about Henry Ford School.


Meet Henry Ford Elementary School


Despite all the COVID madness, our last dine out of the year is still on! Order at Redwood City BBQ, on 640 Woodside Road, this December 10, and let them know you are a Henry Ford parent to have 15% of your bill donated to the School.

If you prefer a no-contact pickup and to order online, you can just use the promo code “Mustangs”

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