World Religions

A Look Into The World's Top 5 Religions


Christianity is a monotheistic religion, meaning it has one god. The one god of this religion is God. The holy book used in this religion is the Bible, which includes the Old Testament and the New Testament. Major holidays include All Saints' Day, Christmas, Easter, Good Friday, Palm Sunday, St. Patrick's Day, and Thanksgiving. A highly practiced ritual in Christianity is going to church every Sunday. Christianity was believed to have been created sometime at the end of the first century. The people of England brought it to the United States when they settled the country. This religion has many different branches which include Catholicism and Protestantism.


Islam is a monotheistic religion, meaning it only has one god. The god of Islam is Allah. The holy book of this religion is the Quran. Major holidays celebrated by Islam include Al-Hijra, Ramadan, 'ld Al-Fitr, 'ld Al-Adha, and Ashura. Highly practiced rituals include The Five Pillars of Islam. This religion is believed to have been created in the 7th century.

5 pillars of islam in 2 minutes


Hinduism is a pantheistic (polytheistic if necessary, meaning that it has multiple gods and goddesses) religion, meaning that it identifies their god with the universe and that humans and the material universe are all manifestations. There are many gods and goddesses involved in Hinduism, but the one supreme being is Brahman. The holy books of Hinduism include Bhagavad-Gita, Ramayana and Veda. The major holidays of Hinduism are Holi, Mahashivaratri (Shiva Ratri), Rama Navami, Krishna Jayanti, Raksābandhana, Kumbha Mela, Ganesha-Chaturthi (Ganesha-Utsava), Dassera, Navaratri, and Diwali. A highly practiced ritual is meditation. This religion was believed to have been created in 1500 BC.

The Hinduism Afterlife in Under One Minute


Buddhism is monotheistic in the sense that god is all and all is god. The god of Buddhism is Buddha. The Buddhist holy book is the Tipitaka. Major holidays of Buddhism include the Buddhist New Year, Vesak, Sangha Day, Dhamma Day, Observance Day, Kathina Ceremony, Festival of Floating Bowls, Elephant Festival, Festival of the Tooth, and Ancestor Day. Highly practiced rituals include meditation and prayer wheels. This holiday was believed to be created in 520 BC.

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Buddha and Ashoka: Crash Course World History #6


Judaism is a monotheistic religion. The god of Judaism is יהוה (YHWH). The holy book of this religion is the Torah. Holidays celebrated include Purim, Shabbat, Days of Awe, Festival of Booths, Hanukkah, 15th of Shevat, Passover, and the Day of Attonement. This religion was founded in 2500 BC.

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