March 19th 2017

Greetings to everyone!

The CCC Pastoral Committee, the SOBANs and SOBANESE are inviting you, to Join the CCC of Atlanta at our monthly mass celebration on Sunday, March 19th, 2017.This mass will be celebrated at our new location:

St Paul of the Cross Church.

Address: 551 Harwell Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Time 3:00pm

The prestigious SOBANS together with the SOBANES, in honour of their school feast, will be animating the mass. We can't wait to hear then out beat the Lesans who sang beautifully at the last mass.

Entertainment after mass will be provided by the everyone and supported by the SOBANS and SOBANESE. This will be coordinated by the mothers of the church -CWA.

Below are a few pictures and a video of our last months' mass, in which we celebrated Valentine's day.

Join Us In Holy Mass

Sunday, March 19th, 3pm

551 Harwell Road Northwest

Atlanta, GA

The ex-students of St. Joseph College SASSE in Atlanta,

will be singing the mass.

NB: All SOBANS and their families are invited. Please come showcase your school.

Happy Feast of Saint Joseph!

St. Joseph has two feast days on the liturgical calendar. The first is March 19— the principal feast day of Saint Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It has the rank of a solemnity in the Roman Catholic Church. The second is May 1—Joseph, the Worker.

March 19 always falls during Lent, and traditionally it is a day of abstinence. This explains the custom of St. Joseph tables being covered with meatless dishes. If the feast day falls on a Sunday other than Palm Sunday, it is observed on the next available day, usually Monday, March 20, unless another solemnity falls on that day. Since 2008, if St Joseph's Day falls during Holy Week, it is moved to closest possible day before 19 March, usually the Saturday before Holy Week

“Saint Joseph is a man of great spirit. He is great in faith, not because he speaks his own words, but above all, because he listens to the words of the Living God. He listens in silence. And his heart ceaselessly perseveres in the readiness to accept the Truth contained in the word of the Living God,” Pope John Paul II had once said.

There is very little about the life of Joseph in Scripture but still, we know that he was the chaste husband of Mary, the foster father of Jesus, a carpenter and a man who was not wealthy. We also know that he came from the royal lineage of King David.

We can see from his actions in scripture that Joseph was a compassionate man, and obedient to the will of God. He also loved Mary and Jesus and wanted to protect and provide for them.

Since Joseph does not appear in Jesus' public life, at his death, or resurrection, many historians believe Joseph had probably died before Jesus entered the public ministry.

Joseph is the patron of many things, including the universal Church, fathers, the dying and social justice.

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