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The most vulnerable elements of any building is its facade, which is most subjected to the negative effects of varied factors: dust decide on the top of the walls, acid precipitation leave unattractive traces on the facade. Concurrently, dust, accumulating in micro cracks, contributes to the destruction in the facade, thereby causing great problems for the complete building. Washing and cleaning of facades until recently wasn't common, often cosmetic painting of the facade was carried out to update the look of the building, which gave the structure a stylish appearance, but would not prevent its destruction. Washing the facades of buildings is a mandatory procedure that must be performed 1-2 times in year. Unfavorable climate conditions, dirt and dust of a big city can greatly spoil each side your building, which makes it unattractive, and scare away buyers and customers. Moreover, regular cleaning of facades from dirt prolongs the service lifetime of materials for that outside the dwelling. Benefit from excellent B&M Pressure washing to get the facade cleaned quickly with no work on your part.
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Cleansing the facade may be needed in many cases: after winter; for moss removal; when efflorescence appears; as a way to remove graffiti, pasted ads; cleaning of a new building before settling tenants. Observe that Incompetent collection of cleaning methods can irreparably damage the facade. With respect to the specific popular features of the item, washing can be accomplished manually, using scaffolding or pressure washing service. When washing facades relative to standards, air temperature shouldn't fall below zero. Therefore, it is recommended to wash facades in spring and autumn. Cleaning facades from pollution requires compliance with safety standards. During the work, accessibility building has to be tied to passers-by and vehicles. A power washer is used to wash brick facades, glass cladding, granite and ceramic tiles. Underhand cleaning is conducted through a slightly alkaline solution directed under strong pressure on your wall. Using this method can be used when washing windows, driveways etc. B&M Pressure Washing uses extremely powerful detergents that quickly remove pollution from a complexity and present your building a neat, attractive appearance. The price tag on washing facades is established every time individually. The calculation considers complexity from the case. Granite City Pressure Washing is your perfect option to obtain a perfect result with minimum effort from you.
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