Donuts... I think not!

less donuts! more fruit and veggies!

Food, its something you need to live but its not always good for you... people need to be careful with what they eat because if you eat to little you get obese and to little you become tiny and frail both can make you unhealthy

Why this topic is important to me

this topic is important to me because our country has become very unhealthy and i think people need to start eating healthier foods
1.candy can give you rotten teeth and make you sick

2.potato chips can make you sick and lazy

3.fatty foods can well make you unhealthy and lazy also

4.cookies can give you bad teeth and to much can even make you sick

Better, healthier foods

! instead of candy you can get fruit which has almost the same sweetness

2.instead of unhealthy chips get some tortilla chips

3.instead of fatty foods cook with less butter

4. instead of chocolate cookies get soem granola bars