Ludwig Van Beethoven

By: Samuel Winter

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Picture of Beethoven

Beethoven wrote his first symphony when he was 28 years old. Just at the time he started making his first symphony he started losing his hearing. He became one of the best composers ever even without hearing. He created 9 symphonies. He had such a bad temper that it spilled into his family life. Beethoven never had a wife. Beethoven was 57 when he died. Beethoven's last words were "I shall hear in heaven".
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Map of Vienna, Austria

Beethoven moved to Vienna from when he was 17 until he died. Mozart also lived in Vienna and they both met there. He created all of his symphonies in Vienna.
Symphony No. 9 ~ Beethoven

Symphony No.9

Symphony No.9 was Beethoven's last symphony. At that point he had basically lost all his hearing so it was so remarkable. Symphony No.9 broke so many records.

List of other known music

Symphony No.1

Symphony No.3

Symphony No.9 Choral

Facts about composer.

Beethoven was born in !770 and died in 1827. He had a miserable childhood. He had a loving mother Maria, but his dad Johann was a very hard drinking, demanding father. He was absorbed by music when he was a little kid. Beethoven move from Bonn, Germany to Vienna, Austria when he was 17. He was rude and violent, kind and generous. He began losing his hearing when he was 28. He was one of the most talented composers of his time.


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