Animal treatment


How animals ar treated

Animals ar treated terrible.Some people say that it is fun.Thot tho you rely no hou animals ar treated?If you were an animal you cloud no hou they ar treated.You would felt sad because they put you away from your family wene your verly a bady.It cloud be a terridle life.

How animals ar treated in zoos

Some of the zoos ar teridle because ocording to people get olot of money for ther work and they bon even hide eanough food or water to the animals thats wy animals ar in banger.Ocorbing to caps people now that animals suffer thot they still cip them in the zoos.Many animals in zoos show sisns of distress.

People that help

People shoud put atechen to do animalas somethams they want to say something with there draings.It is dificult to understand wate they want to say.Somethams you can de amase day people decause eden if you dont delid they can amaze you sading a animal,or giding mone to help the animal to het food or water.