Canada 2060

Demography Of Canada 2060


Canada will have drastic changes demographically by the year 2060. It won't just look different the population, death rate, birth rate, and immigration will change.

Immigration And Demography Canada 2015

Canada's population grew to 35,851,800 in the year ending July. This is the smallest population growth since 1999. For the first time there are more people over the age of 65 then there are under 14. Less migration to Canada contributed to the slowdown in population growth.

Immigration Policies Make Canada More Unwelcoming To Immigrants.

“There is no question that Canada is currently a country of choice for many people from all over the world. That may not be the case in future, especially for highly skilled people of interest to all industrialized and some developing countries,”

“While no single change would make Canada an unattractive destination, the cumulative impact may create the impression that Canada is no longer as welcoming as it was.”

-Naomi Alboim

Immigration in 2060

From 2008 to July 1 2012, the federal government has made changes to every aspect of immigration policy, including the way in which reform is undertaken, and more and more changes are proposed. The federal government is changing who we select to immigrate, the support newcomers have when they arrive, and how they can become citizens
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First Nations 2060

I think by the year of 2060 first nations will be treated differently in Canada. I think they will be treated much better. I think so because their are so many first nations people that are trying to close the gap between Canadians and first nations. There are so many organizations and projects that are going on to fix the relationship that has been apart for over 100 years. People like Wab Kinew are changing the way we see first nations.