Algonquin life before

European contact


they had rice,corn,beans, and squash. They hunted animals all year round for food and supplies and clothing, all they had was off the land

shelter and clothing

For shelter they overlapped large sheets of birch or elm bark over wood frames of tents or wigwams to make a rain proof shelter.Moccasins were made out of animal hides and blankets,pants, and shirts were also made out of fur. They made rain coats out of tree bark to shelter them from the rain when they here away from their hut


The Algonquin people made canoes out of a large piece of bark that they would carefully peel from a birch tree, and pull the bark over a wood frame and tie down the bark with stakes and ropes. They did not have horses until the Europeans arrived.

Daily life


Men would usually either hunt or help gather rice with the woman. Men where the protectors of the Algonquin people. They lived in a Patrilocal system


They cared for everyone, People could probably not have survived without the woman. The woman gathered the food,cooked the food, made the clothes for the warm and cold months, and they cared for the children.


The men and woman of the community would meet together to discuss a problem or situation and would come to a decision or solution. They had men cheifs.