POBF 5.02

I will understand rack management and insurance.

Types of Insurance!

  • Health
- Protection against high cost of individual health care
  • Hospilization
- Covers for most or all the charges when attending the hospital
  • Surgical
- Covers part of all of the fee's for a surgery or operation
  • Regular Medical
- Covers the fees for nonsurgical care in a doctors office, medicine, care, home service, or hospital visits
  • Dental
- Covers X-rays, cleaning, fillings, and mouth injuries from accidents. Also part of complicated work such as crowns, and bridges
  • Comprehensive
- Combination of the features of hospital, surgical, regular, and major medical insurances
  • Vision
- Covers examinations, lenses, frames, and contacts
  • Life
- Pays the amount of the insurance policy upon death of uninsured (usually family)
  • Workman's Compensation
- Provides medical and survivor benefits for people injured, disable, or killed on the job.

It's only safe to be insured!