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May 16, 2022

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Thank you to all of our families that participated in state assessments this month. We are very proud of our students who came on campus to complete this important task. For most of our students, it was their first time on campus!

State testing
is still open for students who have not taken it yet or still need to finish. Please email Tonya Sitowski to schedule the testing session. We have set aside Wed., May 18th, Fri., May 20th, and Wed., May 25th as State Assessment Designated Make-up Days.

End of the Year Preparations

For our families that are moving or planning to transition back to in-person district schools, we ask that you come to campus for equipment turn-in.

If you are transferring to another EPSD9 school, your child will keep their iPad and charger. Please return the following:

Elementary families (K-5) are asked to bring their Logitech Crayon, mini whiteboard and IPEVO, all books (including Imagine It!), and math materials (such as Bump Board, Decadeck, beans).

Middle school and high school students are asked to return any issued Logitech Crayons.

If you are moving out of the district, please return the iPad, charging block, and cable in addition to the above items to Mrs. Sitowski.

Seniors have check-out day on June 8th. Details are in the Class of 2022 newsletter.

What's on the Calendar

Wednesdays: Class of 2022 Campus Takeovers from 10AM-6PM. Seniors are invited to come in for support with completing graduation requirements. Meals provided.

Thursdays (secondary) & Fridays (elementary) Student PBIS Checks. Is your child in the Green Zone?

May 16th-May 31st STAR 360 Testing for all grade levels (see details below)

May 18th, 20th, 25th State Assessment Designated Make-up Days

May 20th & 27th and June 3rd & 10th-Friday Fun-Day Clubs for grades 6-12. Details are shared in classes. See the promotion below.

May 25th

Graduating Seniors pick-up Commencement Tickets

K-12 School-Based Dental Health Program in the URCEO Studio (see details below)

May 27th

K-5 End of the Year Celebration (see details below)
EPSD9 School Board Recognition (see details below)
Green Zone Reward Day-Water Fun!

Monday, May 30th Memorial Day: No School

June 3rd-Senior Graduation Walk with EPHS. Permission Forms must be turned in by 5/25.

June 8th-Senior Breakfast at URCEO 10AM followed by graduation practice

June 9th-Graduation at URCEO 7:30 PM

June 13th-
Field Day (more details to come!)

June 14th
Last Day of School for Students & Yearbook Signing Party (see details below)

Deadline to turn in Technology/Logitech Crayons (stylus) to URCEO for students not returning to URCEO in the fall

STAR 360 Benchmark Tests

Each academic year, all students in Eagle Point School District take STAR 360 assessments three times (fall, winter, and spring) to help teachers and administrators make instructional decisions that best meet the needs of each student. We are preparing for our students to take the third and final benchmarking STAR 360 tests over the next two weeks.

  • Elementary students will complete the grade-appropriate screeners with their teachers or the instructional support team.
  • Middle schoolers will complete the reading and math screeners as part of their AVID class.
  • High schoolers will have Wednesdays, May 18th and 25th to complete the two screeners during their asynchronous time. NEST teachers/class advisors can assist as needed.

Each screener takes approximately 30 minutes. Grades 6-12 can access the tests using the directions in their Canvas Groups. Any student needing assistance can check with their teacher.

To learn more about the STAR 360 program, you can visit: https://www.renaissance.com/2016/09/09/parents-guide-star-assessments/

URCEO Student Store

The URCEO Office team will be fulfilling orders that are submitted online. Students can pick up items from the office the next day beginning Wednesday the 18th. The online order form is linked in the store site (see below). Students can also visit the store in person on Fridays from 2-3 P.M.

https://sites.google.com/eaglepnt.k12.or.us/urceoschoolstore/home. It is important that the form be filled out correctly so that we know which items to pull. Each choice includes a number and letter.

K-5 End of Year Celebration

On Friday, May 27th beginning at 11:00 AM, we will have our first in-person assembly picnic-style on the front field of URCEO! Bring your picnic blanket or beach towels for seating. In addition to an overall K-5 celebration, we will be honoring our graduating seniors who are stepping down and recognizing our kindergartners who are stepping up as the Class of 2034! We will also focus on our fifth graders who are transitioning from elementary to secondary students! We have swag, games, and giveaways planned so don't miss out!

Come early for materials pick up and stay for the celebration or arrive at 11:00 and get your materials after all the fun! Students in the Green Zone will receive their Green Zone Tickets along with their final materials pick-up.

We will livestream this event for students who are not able to attend in person.

Immediately following this event, K-5 students will have their Green Zone Reward Water Fun Reward!

EPSD9 School Board, May Recognition of URCEO Staff and Students

EPSD9 School Board members will be joining us on Friday, May 27th at 11:30 A.M. on the front field to recognize outstanding URCEO Staff and Students. We invite our school community to join us for the presentation of certificates, which will coincide with our K-5 End of Year Celebration.

Field Day

Save the date! Monday, June 13th is URCEO Field Day! Teachers will be sharing more information including times and activities. Mr. Murphy and Mrs. O'Sullivan are planning fun events for our K-11 students. Plan on having your child wear sunscreen and PE-appropriate clothing and bring a water bottle with their name on it.

This will also be the final opportunity to make "purchases" from the URCEO Student Store with student's Osprey Bucks earned for being in the Green Zone. We have items from $5 (one week in the green zone) up to $75!

Yearbook Final Purchases and Distribution Party

URCEO's 2022 yearbook distribution party is June 14th in the afternoon. This is where students/families can pick up their books and get them signed by friends/staff. Contact Mrs. Hunt for more information.

Yearbooks will also be available for purchase via cash/check on 5/27, 6/13 (Field Day), and 6/14 (signing party). They are $30 cash/check.

Copies of the 2021 Yearbook will also be available for $15.

Thanks so much for your support as we build up URCEO's yearbook program!

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CREATIVITY is the Character Trait URCEO is Celebrating in April

This month we are talking about Creativity! The dictionary would tell us that the primary use of Creativity is to create something artistic, but the definition above that we are using is much bigger than that:

Creativity is one of the most important skills for a better future because it is only by imagining new or improved solutions that it is possible to solve present problems. While more and more of the world becomes automated, Creativity is becoming one of the most sought after skills in the workplace because it helps us think beyond the box, innovate, and imagine a better way.

We are born tremendously creative and, as we grow up, it is easy to “stop playing pretend” or exercising our imagination. This month encourages just the opposite! We must practice building the muscle of Creativity if we are going to use it to solve the big and little problems all around us. We will work together in new, unique ways. We will build things and break old patterns. We will CREATE and imagine the best version of ourselves and the world.

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About URCEO's High School Summer School Opportunity

The deadline to sign up is Friday, June 10th. Register online using this Google Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdZbfmIONgYxUvzmoYlEE084yA80XDLAlnkjw7MiXTg8jU96A/viewform

Below are expectations for those participating:


Virtual: Students are expected to log on and begin making progress in their online courses daily Mon-Thur by 9:30 am.

Learning Lounge:Students are expected to attend on-campus Mon-Thur from 9:00 - 11:30.

If a student is absent without prearranged notice, then the student’s spot can be given to another student. Arrangements can be made with the teacher prior to an absence.

Disciplinary Expectations and Procedures:

The standard classroom policies as stated in the URCEO handbook, including the Zero-Tolerance Drug policy, General Behavior policies, and the school’s normal Disciplinary Procedures are in effect.

Closed Campus:

NO STUDENT IS ALLOWED OFF CAMPUS. Serious disciplinary consequences, including immediate dismissal from the summer school program, may be incurred if a student leaves campus prior to dismissal without prior arrangements being made. As usual, all visitors must sign in at the school office as soon as they arrive on campus.

Completed Classes:

Students who complete classes with a passing grade will have their credit transcribed and either be given another class to complete or dismissed from summer school.


Transportation will be provided. Call the Bus Barn at 541-830-1245 for more information.


Breakfast runs from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Lunch will also be served.


URCEO Graduation seniors can participate in the EPHS Grad Walk scheduled for Friday, June 3rd. During the Graduation Walk, students will visit the lower grade level schools where they will walk through the halls in their graduation cap and gown.

Students MUST turn in a signed permission slip to the URCEO Office by Wednesday, May 25th. No late slips will be accepted.

Permission slips are available in the HS Canvas Group or in the URCEO Office. If you have any questions, please check with Mrs. Sitowski. For more senior news, visit the Class of 2022 Updated & Grad Plans Newsletter linked above.

Worth Repeating

Coming to URCEO for K-12: School Based Dental Health Program

Your child has an opportunity to be a part of this on Wednesday, May 25th program which is open to all students (insured or uninsured) in grades K-12. The program is sponsored by Rogue Community Health, D9 Foundation, and the Reed and Carolee Walker Fung of the Oregon Community Foundation. The program offers a short visual exam, using a dental mirror and light, and includes a topical flouride application. If dental sealants are necessary, they can also be applied. The entire process takes approximately10 minutes. All services are provided by licensed dental professionals.

K-5 Students have a permission packet in their materials from pick-up materials that explains what is being offered and includes a cover page that needs to be completed if you would like your child to take part. There is no cost for this program.

Grades 6-12 Families can pick up a permission packet at the school office.



Our Mission:

Serve the diverse learners of our community by providing a quality virtual educational experience for all K-12 students to ensure their success in an ever changing world.

Our Vision:

Nurture and guide all students through equitable educational opportunities that encourage students to take ownership of their learning and develop into lifelong learners.

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IPad Insurance Information & Opt Out Form

The $25.00 iPad insurance can be paid through ParentVue or by check or cash at the school office. We recommend this insurance. If you are not purchasing the insurance, please complete the Opt Out Form by clicking the button above.

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