Happy New Year!!

January 3-8

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High/Low Game by Hailey and Monserrat

First, we draw two lines on our papers, so we can write the digits down that Ms. Fox picks from the card deck Next ,Ms. Fox pulls a card from the deck we have to decide where to place that digit..We can't wait for all the numbers to be called. We can't erase our numbers if we didn't get it right. Lastly, who ever gets the most points for either the highhest or lowest number made, wins a prize!

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We Are Going To Read Crispin by Zirui

Crispin is a book written by AVI. It’s a story talking about a person named Crispin living the life of a peasant in the medieval age. His background is a mystery since no one know who his father was. After his mother died he had nothing left. Until he finds out who his father is.

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Science Research Experiment by Jack and Michael

In science this week we are learning how to conduct an experiment and write up our data. We are going to create our own scientific research paper. On Monday we are going to conduct our experiment using the administrator's as the subjects. stay tuned to see our results.

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Water Science experiment By Gage and Ben

This week in Ms. Barnett’s class, we are writing up our water experiment. Next Monday, we will be doing our taste test. Our taste test will be filtered and unfiltered water. We are going to ask the teachers, aides and students this: Which taste is better? We can’t wait to find out that which one they loved more!
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China and Silk By Christian

In history we are studying about the Chinese and silk. The legend is that Leizu, the Emperor's wife, found a caterpillar eating mulberry leaves and one fell into her teacup. A string unraveled, it was silk.Soon the Chinese learned how to mass produce silk and other countries wanted it. Since the Chinese were the only one knew how to make it they sold it for a high price to other countries.The Chinese had a monopoly on silk.

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Tap Water or Water Bottle by John

This year in Mrs.Barnett’s class I am doing a project on tap and bottled water. I am working with my friend Christian. We are going to survey the entire 5th and 6th grade. We will also see who drinks more tap or bottled water. We will be conducting this science experiment in a few weeks. We will send survey out to the entire 5th and 6th graders gmail account. This will tell us how many people prefer bottled or tap water more. To find out how many people like to drink either tap or bottled water we will find the average by adding it all up and dividing it by 6. This experiment will be really fun and we hope this works and hope this is enough data to figure out the average.I hope I will love this experiment.