Ernest Hemingway


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Facts About Hemingway

  • July 21, 1899 Ernest Miller Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois
  • He is the second of six children of Clarence Hemingway, a doctor, and Grace Hall Hemingway, a music teacher.
  • From infancy Hemingway's mother dressed him in girls clothes.
  • Hemingway entered Oak Park and River Forest High School and proved to be an excellent student athlete who boxes.
  • Hemingway graduates high school and takes a job as a reporter for the Kansas City Star.
  • When WWI comes around Hemingway leaves the newspaper and becomes an ambulance driver in the army.
  • Hemingway was stationed in Italy and got wounded by a trench mortar and machine gun.
  • He was awarded the Silver Medal of Military Valor from the Italian government for dragging an Italian officer out from under an ambulance.
  • Hemingway marries Elizabeth Hadley Richardson. She turns out to be the first of four wives.
  • Hemingway's first book,Three Stories and Ten Poems, is published in 1923.
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More Facts

  • In 1926 Hemingway's first novel,The Sun Also Rises, is published.
  • In 1927 Hemingway divorces Elizabeth Hadley on April 4th. One month later he marries Pauline Pfeiffer
  • Pauline and Hemingway move to Key West, Florida. Hemingway completes most of his writing life there.
  • The couple's son, Patrick, is born on June 28, 1928.
  • A Farewell To Arms is published in 1929. The novel made Hemingway financially independent
  • In 1932, Hemingway travels to Spain to research bullfighting for Death in the Afternoon
  • Pauline and Hemingway travel Kenya, Africa. Hemingway falls in love with the continent and writes the book, Green Hills of Africa
  • In 1940 Hemingway divorces Pauline. Less than three weeks later he marries journalist Martha Gellhourn. The couple settles in Finca Vigia, where he will live on and off for twenty years
  • Sep. 1, 1952 the novella The Old Man and the Sea is published in life magazine
  • Dec. 10, 1954 Hemingway is awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature
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