Child labor

By samuel harter

child labor

Child labor is when children work hard and in dangerous conditions that can harm them. Have you ever had chocolate because kids make the chocolate and get the coco beans and that’s a dangerous job because you use machetes and other sharp objects and it’s not right. In other third world countries child labor is common to see and that’s sad to think about. It’s also illegal to commit.

so you want to change the world

There are children in child labor and we can make a difference by making people aware of child labor. You can also raise money for an organization to help stop child labor or save people from child labor.


Restavek’s are kids who got lent to another friend or family to help with the dirty work they are also kids who lost their parents in the earth quake or other the reasons. A restavek is like a personal kid maid that washes clothes cleans the dishes and other stuff like that. According to the text it states that a 9 year girl got denied food after the earthquake and got badly abused it also states that 225,000 kids are living as indentured servants. My thoughts on it is that it’s OK if they treat them well and give them stuff to survive and don’t abuse them.

Child Labor & Chocolate

Children all around the world work in harsh and dangerous conditions because people capture children because the jobs are too dangerous for workers to want to work there. There are so many chocolate companies that use child labor all in all its bad to do. So people should find better ways to get chocolate.

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Child Laborer, Child Hero

Imagine working every day all day with little food drink, sleep and free time. That’s what Iqbal Masai had to go through until something special happened. He escaped on carpet maker and then got caught and sold to another carpet company. When he was there he made what was a perfect carpet pattern but then cut it with scissors because he says he messed up than after that he was sent