Ludwig van Beethoven 1770-1827

The legendary composer of the Classical Era by Aidan Ashrafi

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Portrait of Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven was born on December 17,1770. He died on March 26.1827 when he was 57. He grew up in the town of Bonn, Germany.He was one of seven children, of whom only three survived infancy. His mother was named Maria and his alcoholic father was named Johann. His father gave him music lessons that the child absorbed and learned from. His father was a huge part of his musical talent. Later on he became deaf and toward the end of his life he was completely deaf but surprisingly he still composed music after that. His first composition was at the age of 13.

Beethoven-Fur Elise

Video of Beethoven's Piano Composition:Fur Elise

This is a video of Beethoven's Piano Composition: Fur Elise. It was published after he died in 1867. Despite his anger issues Beethoven attracted friends easily. Some of his friends Beethoven dedicated parts of his music to. For example, he met Antonio Vivaldi 's rival Antonio Salieri and he based 3 violin sonatas on their relationship. This song Fur Elise is dedicated to the woman in his life Elise. He composed it around the time he was going deaf.

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Beethoven's Home

This is a map of Bonn, Germany. Ludwig van Beethoven was born and baptized in Bonn, Germany and lived in that town until 1792, when he moved to Vienna, Austria, he moved there for good until he died. He composed music no matter where he lived or what the challenge was. He composed music when he was deaf by listening to the vibrations of the piano with no legs. When he went deaf he started to avoid anything other than composing music.

List of Other Known Music

Beethoven wrote 9 symphonies in his lifetime career of music. His first symphony was around the age of 28. His most famous symphony is number 5 and the beat da-da-da-daaaaaaaa da-da-da-daaaaaaaa is known worldwide and is used and studied all over the world and the amazing part of it all is that he was composing this while he was almost completely deaf. Some of his other masterpieces were Symphony NO.1, Symphony NO.3 and Symphony NO.9. He had composed other music but these mentioned were his most famous pieces.

Interesting Facts

  • In Beethoven's life, he met Mozart and got feedback on his music, Mozart's words were " You will make a big noise in the world"
  • Beethoven's father, Johann, was a hard-drinker and a very demanding person yet he had no special talents but he taught music to Beethoven because he saw it as income
  • Beethoven had to interrupt his first stay at Vienna because his parents and siblings were dying
  • Beethoven chopped off piano legs to be able to continue to play music
  • Beethoven was arrested because police thought he was a tramp
  • Beethoven was so obsessed with composing that he even composed while he was naked


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