Video Games

Damian VIllarreal


The best games,advice for what to do with games or buy , or get consoles are right here. You'll find the best news and other stuff about games. i will tell you at a little bit.

Negatives and Positives

The negatives and positives are always in digital gaming. The positives are winning, finally killing or beating someone, or somethings done loading. The negativesare losing for the tenth time, getting killed or beat up more and more, and when somethings loading for the longest time.

Where to get Games

If you want games go to the Fleamarket,Gamestop,or Blockbuster. Dont get games online or from strange people. Try to also get video games from other good stores around your neighborhood.


If you want a console get a PS4 or an Xbox One. The PS4 has good graphics so you can can have a better viewof things. The Xbox One graphics are so good it feels like your in the game. I'd prefer to get the PS4 because Playstation is a good series.