2021 Summer Experience

Incoming 9th-12th grade students

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Course Descriptions

Incoming 9th-12th Grade Summer Experience Opportunities

These courses are designed for students entering 9th through 12th grade.

Credit Recovery

Designed for 9th - 12th Grade students who are credit deficient.

Current and transfer high school students will use Launch to complete courses in which they had previously failed. Students will complete coursework under the supervision of teachers and counselors. Students will be able to complete coursework at their own pace through the summer timeline, with teachers available to assist when clarification of materials is needed. Please see your counselor or use the online summer registration form to register for credit recovery.


Students interested in taking online Launch courses need to fill out the online summer registration form. There will be a complete course offering guide there. You may earn two credits for the summer, one in June and one in July.

Driver Education

Driver’s education will take place on May 28th, June 1st and June 2nd. Seated class time will be from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm with lunch from 11:00 to 11:30. Breakfast and lunch will be provided at no charge. Attendance is mandatory in all seated class sessions. Absences or consistent tardiness may result in removal from the course. Students will need to provide a spiral bound notebook for noting taking. Electronic devices will not be necessary. Driver rotations will be scheduled from June 3 – June 28, 2021. Each student will sign up for a driving session consisting of 1 ½ hours of driving time with 2 other students. Each student will need to complete 2 hours of driving time with the driving instructor. Students must complete a driving and observation log with parent/guardian to be turned into their driving instructor. NO HIGH SCHOOL credit is given, but the course will be noted on the student’s transcript. Students MUST be 15 prior to May 27, 2021 to register for this course. Student must also have proof of a driving permit prior to their first drive. They will be required to have their permit with them during all driving time. Course is limited to 100 participants.

EXPLORER CAMP-June 3-16 1/2 General Elective credit

EXPLORER CAMP will take place at Bennett Spring State Park and will engage students in a wide range of outdoor activities and demonstrations! Each morning will begin with fishing in a variety of locations throughout the park. Afternoons will include activities such as: hiking, trail clean-up and recycling service projects, reading, field journaling, camping survival, geocaching, first aid training, animal awareness, and more! Every activity will be thoroughly supervised by teachers, park staff, and volunteers. This class is open to ALL levels of adventurers, whether you have hiked mountains or never gone fishing! Contact Laura Latall at LLatall@lebanon.k12.mo.us with any questions. NOTE: Families must provide transportation to and from Bennett Spring State Park for this class; it does not meet on a district campus. Breakfast and lunch will still be provided.

Personal Finance-1/2 Personal Finance Credit-Two week sessions June 3-16 or June 17-30 Incoming 11th & 12 graders only

This course is a one semester course for juniors and seniors. Students who complete the course will be prepared to make sound financial decisions. They will acquire information on savings and investment, using credit, insurance, and retirement.

Robotics-1 General Elective

Work as a team to build a large robot athletic machine that can shoot balls, do pull-ups, and run like the wind, all while learning about physics, electronics, programming, and mechanical engineering! It will be a jam-packed race with the clock to build the robot and get it competition ready before summer school ends. Mentoring by local engineers and friendly competition with a rival school may be included in this experience. If you have any interest in engineering, programming, mechanics, or would like to see what it's all about without committing to the robotics team during a school year, this is for you! No previous experience required.

Spanish Experience-1 General Elective

Open to all levels of Spanish. Work and experiences will be tailored to the abilities of the student. Build skills of conversational Spanish through stories, videos, and music. We will put these skills into practice through trips to Mexican restaurants and the Dickerson Park Zoo. Experience the culture of 21 different Spanish-speaking countries through food, legends, holidays, and traditions. Participate in cultural activities such as Day of the Dead, Running with the Bulls, Tomatina, and much more!

Summer Art Experience -1 General Elective

This year we will be painting a mural celebrating Lebanon’s 150 years in education at the junior high campus. This mural will become part of the proposed Alumni Plaza. Students will also have the opportunity to work on independent art projects in a variety of media.

Vehicle Maintenance for Young Drivers-1 General Elective

Are you prepared to be a driver? In this course you will learn how to check your vehicle fluids, changing a tire on the side of the road safely, etc. Most costly repairs can be avoided by routine maintenance and proper checks prior to a trip.

Wild Ride on Wall Street-1 General Elective

This course is designed to educate students in the world of Finance, but in a fast-paced, fun and competitive environment. Although investing in the stock market should be considered a long-term “marathon”, this course will approach the topic from the angle of being a “day/swing trader”.
Within the class time, spreadsheet analysis will be introduced and utilized in varying details. Math concepts will be utilized in a matter of seeing just how mathematics really is used in the real world and on a daily basis!
All “trading” will be done on a “paper basis”, with no real money involved (unless there is a prize at the end of the summer session). Partnerships/field trips listed below.