Battle of Qurna

Pronounced 'Gurna'

Summary of Battle

Happened December 3-6, 1914; Between the Ottoman Empire(Turks) and Great Britain. Britain had 2100 people, and the Turks had 1000 people. Britain only lost/faced casualties of 300 people, while the Turks all died. Due to the placement of Qurna, gunboats were used, 16 machine guns were present also.


Qurna is a small town in between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Qurna is a very flat plained town, it was easily flooded as it was during the battle. In this part of Iraq the mountains never thawed.The town about 70km from the city of Basra. After Qurna was concurred Britain had an opening to the Middle East.

Today at the Battle Field

Today this City is so small and under populated that there is very little in the town worth while. Today a oil field is were the battle was.

Area and Surrounding area

In Qurna you can visit the oil field. The oil field is the world's second largest.

The 'Tree' is a tree that is believed to be the burning bush from The Bible.

The best place to visit is Basra which is a good 70kms away from Qurna.