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ICSC New York

Peter of Peter Fillat Architects will be at ICSC New York next week! We look forward to seeing you there. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, and Instagram to connect at the conference. To schedule a meeting with Peter, please feel free to email him, or call or text him at 410-336-8191.

What's Going On

In The Works

PFA currently has over 40 active projects in various stages. Roughly ten of those projects are mixed-use and we've got another 20 in our portfolio. Our mixed-use projects vary, but generally include a mix of retail, office, multifamily residential, hotel and garage. You can find many of our completed projects in downtown Baltimore, including much of Harbor East (completed 2010). Our most recently completed mixed-use project is the 400 East Pratt Street renovation (also in Baltimore). Our most distant project is in China. You can see many of our current and completed projects on our website.

Spicing Things Up

PFA is NOW in DC

PFA is expanding. We now have two offices, Baltimore and DC. We also have affiliate offices in San Diego and New York. Want to join our team? Send your resume our way! We're looking for Junior and Senior-level architects.

Architect Spotlight

About Us

Peter Fillat Architects is a design studio headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. Our practice serves both the public and private sectors with a focus on architecture, interior design, urban design, and sustainable practices. Our international portfolio encompasses hotels, resorts, multi-family residential buildings, offices, retail, and mixed-use buildings.