Global Curation & Contribution

Twitter - circa 2006

Twitter is an online way to establish connections with others in your field(s) of interest. Each post is called a tweet. You can "lurk" and curate information, contribute information, or both! All tweets must be 140 characters or less.


The @ symbol is a way of referring to another Twitter user. For example, @suzzjohnson means you are sending a message to suzzjohnson or you are talking about her in your message.

A retweet - RT - is when you share a tweet from one user to all of your followers. When you see a great resource, quote, news article, or the like, you could retweet the information giving credit to the original source. One way to RT is to select a message then click on the retweet option. Another way is to type RT @whoever you are retweeting.

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A "reply" is when you respond to a tweet. This response is public! To publicly tweet a particular user, start message with @and their username. (@suzzjohnson)

A "direct message" or DM is like a private message. You can only send a direct message to someone that is following your account. To send a DM, start tweet with DM @username of person you are messaging. Your incoming DM's can be found by clicking on the envelop icon.

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Users choose to "follow" other twitter members. These tweets will be the source of your home feed/ timeline. You can also "unfollow" members if you decide to. Many resources are available to help users find people of interest to follow.

Hash tags or # are words or acronyms that begin with the number sign. These "tags" allow twitter users to follow certain events, categories, or trending events. For example, I follow #edtech which means any post that has something to do with educational technology followed by #edtech will populate a feed. This feed is critical for me to see what going on outside of my building, town, state, etc.

Initially, go to to set up an account. You will want to use your school email address. Keep in mind that this will be your "professional" account. Create a profile statement and get rid of the egg!!

Start finding members to follow by doing a quick search.....

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I searched "education" then click on people along the left side of the page to get started. Click the "follow" icon to add a member to your feed.

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Click your "home" button (upper left) to go back to your feed.

Getting More out of Twitter


This application is a great compliment to your twitterverse experience!! Here you can set up columns to see many feeds at the same time. Tweetdeck is only one option that provides this service. Go to to set up an account. If you are using the Chrome browser, an app is available to tweetdeck for easy access.

The "Timeline" is your regular feed. These are the tweets of members that you have chosen to follow. The "Activity" column shows what the people you are following are doing. These tweets include who they have "favorited" or member that they have chosen to follow. The "Interations" column will show tweets that include you. For example, when you gain a follower or when someone mentions you in a tweet. My favorite column to create is the search column. Here you can specify a hashtag to follow. For example, #cpchat will return any tweet that has been tagged with the "connected principal chat" hashtag.

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