Write About

by Shane Hall

About "Write About"

Enjoy a creative and inspirational place to write and improve writing skills. Write About is a fun way to share student writing with an authentic audience or their classmates and teachers. Write About is also very helpful with prompting narrative and opinion writing.

Write About Pros

Write About helps teachers connect with other teachers to collaborate with different writing ideas. Write About is a great way to provide feedback on the writing process from teacher to student. It is a very helpful support platform for writing outside of the classroom. It also addresses 21st Century Skills as well as reading and writing skills.

Write About Cons

The one major draw back with Write About can be corrected with collaboration. If the Social Studies department is working on a research paper the teachers should work with the English department on ways to support the writing process in their classroom as well as possibly covering some on the same material that Social Studies is covering in their own English/Literature classrooms. The cool thing is that Write About is built for collaboration!

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