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DEM's Online Newsletter - Issue: November- December 2013

SF72 is San Francisco's new hub for emergency preparedness. You'll find information about what to do in an emergency, simple steps to get connected, and useful guides to help you get prepared. In addition to preparedness information, SF72 features a CrisisMode that provides up-to-date information on current emergencies.

Check out SF72 for yourself at www.sf72.org and let us know what you think!

SFDEM.org Re-Loaded

Check out the improved San Francisco Department of Emergency Management Website! The new look and organization helps visitors get to know the people behind SF DEM and learn more about what we do.

Urban Shield 2013

The largest exercise of its kind in the US, Urban Shield 2013, was conducted the weekend of Oct. 26-28. With more than 50 different scenarios situated around the Bay Area and participation by local, national, and international first responder agencies, this 48 hour exercise assists first responders prepare for a unified response to disasters and major emergencies.

Police, fire, and EMS teams encountered situations requiring effective communication and on-scene strategic planning and tactics to obtain a successful outcome. New this year was a Regional Catastrophic Preparedness scenario involving a Mass Fatality incident.

This year, 88 teams participated in Urban Shield and the San Francisco Fire Dept. Water Rescue Team took 1st place in the fire competition and San Francisco Police Dept. SWAT Team took 3rd place in the tactical competition.

Bay Area UASI - FY14 Grant Cycle

The Bay Area UASI is preparing for the FY 2014 UASI Grant cycle. The regional proposal process has been streamlined and uses an online form which jurisdictions submit. Projects must be regional, have a nexus to terrorism and be completed by the end of the grant performance period. The application deadline is November 15 at 5 PM.

UASI is Hiring

The Bay Area UASI Management Team is in the process of hiring a Resiliency and Recovery Project Manager. This position focuses on citizen preparedness, emergency planning, resiliency, recovery, and health and medical preparedness. It also involves working with the UASI Advisory Group and various stakeholders, to obtain and make recommendations on the allocation and distribution of grant funds as well as policy and programmatic objectives.

Dispatcher of the Month - Kenneth Hart

Kenneth Hart was operating a radio channel when a Code 33 emergency was called by a police officer who witnessed a possible shooting. Within seconds, there was a huge influx of calls from the public. Many reported shots fired, others gave descriptions of the shooter, and one woman reported, ”Help, help, my brother has been shot!”

Kenneth calmly relayed information to field units, maintained channel control, set up perimeters, and typed CAD updates. Within moments, another Code 33 emergency was called by the police. An officer fired his weapon and a suspect was down. Kenneth deployed medical units, made proper notifications, and continued to control the busy radio traffic.

Kenneth's personal composure during this highly stressful situation was commendable. His actions reflected well upon his fellow dispatchers and the Division of Emergency Communications.

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A Very DEM Halloween

A Very DEM Halloween - October 31, 2013

A New Edition: Eleanor Susan Schildwachter

DEM External Affairs Specialist Kristin Hogan Schildwachter gave birth to 8.4 lbs baby girl on Wednesday, November 6. Mom and Eleanor are doing well!

Inching Towards Our Goal!

November 13 is the last day to turn in your pledge forms to your division's captain. If you have not yet pledged your support please consider doing so. There are 926 charities listed in the donor guide. You can also choose a charity not listed.

Congratulations to the DEM Coffee Card Winners:

  • Will Lee
  • Maura Moylan
  • Karen Omalley
  • Jaime Sears
  • Cecile Soto
  • Jean To
  • Francis Zamora

Your coffee cards will be distributed this week!

November - December: Calendar of Events


November 11: Veteran's Day Holiday

November 18: Port of San Francisco Emergency Table Top Exercise and Dive Exercise

November 25-26: Thanksgiving Holiday


December 18: DEM Holiday Party

December 25: Christmas Holiday

December 31: New Years Eve

San Francisco's Whistleblower Program

We all share a common goal: To provide the residents of the City and County of San Francisco with an honest, effective, and efficient government. Like any organization, government institutions are vulnerable to fraud and improper activities in the workplace. The Office of the Controller’s Whistleblower Program is an important avenue for reporting fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement within the City and County of San Francisco. Reporting fraud, waste and abuse is an obligation for each City employee.

For more information, please visit the Office of the Controller’s Whistleblower Program website: www.sfgov.org/whistleblower

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Urban Shield 2013

Don't forget to complete your timesheet!

If you complete a weekly timesheet please remember to complete your timesheet by Friday each week. If you are a dispatcher, please remember to complete your timesheet daily. This helps us make sure we turn in payroll on time to the people that cut the checks.