World religons

Mac Cranmer

Christians believe jesus died for the sins of everybody. Christianity is monotheistic. Christians go to church, pray, and read the bible. It originated in Palestine in 33CE. The the major holidays are Christmas and easter. The holy book is the bible.


They believe Judaism focuses on the relationships between the Creator, mankind, and the land of Israel. It is monotheistic. Chanukah is the main holiday. Jewish people wear yahmaka. 4000 years ago in the middle east the jewish religon began.


They believe in reincarnation which is a belief that the soul is eternal and lives many lifetimes. There religion is polytheistic which is that they believe in more then one god. The main holidays are holi and rava navami.This devotion usually. takes the form of rituals with sculptures and images of gods in homeshrines. The religion of hinduism began about 4000 years ago in india.


They believe that tnere is no god. They are not polythestiic or monythestic because they dont believe in god. The main holiday is the budhism new year. Most buddhist do a mudras which is a symbolic handshake


Muslims believe in one God's name is allah. This religion is monotheistic because it only believes in one God. The main holiday for Islam is the Islamic new year. Some rituals include praying in sacrifice for their religion. The religion started in the 11th century in the Middle East in that got to India

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