communication conflict

by alexys


conflict happens when a person interferes with another persons goals. It results in many problems and lots of disagreements. There is different types of conflicts, one being desirable conflict. Its having conflict to achieve your goal. For example, in a sports team the players compete against each other only to improve the team. Undesirable conflict is when there is problem but the problem is not caused by trying to improve or achieve your goals. Its like a manager spending money or buying products that the business can not afford, which causes problems. Desirable conflict turns into undesirable conflict when the goal of the company or whatever is not trying to be reached.

stepping up

I think the manager or who ever the one in charge is, should make the decision on how to resolve these conflicts. Like in resolving conflicts, the manager should make the decision of which strategy would be best. But i think the manager or who ever is in charge should not be the only one who makes the decision on how to resolve things, it can be anyone.


One strategy is avoidance strategy. Its when you agree with another person even though your belief is different just to avoid conflict. Its best to use this strategy when the problem is not that important. An example is like when you go out to eat with another person at the place you do not want to eat just because the other person wants to eat there. Then there is compromise strategy, this is when the people in the conflict come to a mutual acceptable agreement or solution. This strategy is better that avoidance because it can lead to more workable solutions. Finally is the win/lose strategy. This is when no one compromises, leading to someone winning, and someone losing.