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Camden Thornhill;Editor-in-Cheif

Tweed, a Fraud?

New York- William "Marcy" Tweed was arrested from Tammany Hall last night after many turn on him in the Democratic Party. Tweed helped immigrants that just couldn't get off the ground, that might be a good thing but Tweed ask in replie for many different things, regular immigrants he asked for multiple votes but for Irish, Scottish and Dutch gangs they did some thing different, they were used at election time to intimidate voters. He used and elaborate system of bribes to control judges, the police and other officials, and he also bought lots of favorable coverage in the press. He's is serving 30 years in prison.

Uncle Sam joins the fight!

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This was used so that more American Men would come and fight for our country, were design to instill the people a positive outlook, a sense of patriotism.

Substitute gets Expelled?

After John Scopes was arrested from Dayton High School for teaching about evolution, he violated Tennessee's Butler law, it prohibited the teaching of the Evolution Theory in all the Universities. Clarence Darrow, the most famous criminal lawyer in the country represented John Scopes, and William Jennings Bryan, a three time candidate for president led the prosecution. The key moment in the trial occurred when Darrow called Bryan to testify as an expert witness on religion. Darrow asked Bryan multiply exhausting questions about events described in the Bible.Bryan said that in his view some of the stuff in the Bible may not have happened exactly how he described it. But, he stood to his beliefs. "If I am not able to explain it, I will except it." But the trial ended later that day, and Scopes left the court with a $100 fine (which today is about $1,250).

The Great Bambino strikes again!

Today, at Wrigley Field Babe Ruth, a 6'2 215 pound Pitcher/Outfielder at 37 years old, has passed Willie Mays in Career Home Runs with 661 as he beats the Cubs 7-4, there record is 70-33 as the Yankees are two games back in the American League behind the Indians. His batting average has went up to .342 and is 1st in runs batted in (RBI's) with 2,213.

New Consumer and Weaknesses in the Economy

During the Roaring 20's Americans witnessed an explosion of new products and new experiences. It lead to mass communication, people were happy to buy whatever new products came on the market. All of these new things resalted in installment buying. Witch was people only had to pay a percentage of the product each month, this was great and often lead to a spending spree

The Gilded Age

Nebraska (NE)

Nickname: Cornhusker State

Motto: Equality before the law

Laid Union Pacific laid tracks across Nebraska.

Progressive/Imperialism State

Arizona (AZ)

Nicknames: The Grand Canyon State, The Copper State

Motto: Ditat Deus (God Enriches)

Progressives in Arizona favored inclusion in the state constitution of woman's suffrage and initiative.

WWI State


Capital: Montpelier

Nickname: Green Mountain State

Motto: Freedom and Unity

Supplied Granite for headstone in the Arlington National Cemetery.

Roaring 20s

Michigan (MI)

Capital: Detroit

Nickname: Wolverine State

Motto: Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice

African American Migration came to Detroit hope to find freedom


For Sale- Always forget what you say you need from the store? That's OK get a Typewriter, copies every thing down. $12.99

For Sale- Want that new shiny car, but don't have that money? Just grab a Credit Card at your local bank 5$.

Wanted- William Tweed, he has escaped from jail and is trying to flee to Europe. Reward negotiable $50-$200 (depends on how fast).

Wanted- Ship Captain to take your men to battle safely. 4 dollars a day, 9 hour days.

Service- Remember Meatless Monday! Your saving life's.

Service- Help clean the streets of NY, your doing it for good.

Louis the Trumpeter

Louis Armstrong, a trumpet player that was born on Aug. 4 1901. He was born in poverty on the rough side of New Orleans, the nickname of his neighborhood was ''battlefield''. His dad left the family when Louis was very young and that forced his mother, Mary Albert into prostitution. Louis played his self taught cornet. He received his first formal music instruction from Colored Waifs Home for Boys.

Louis didn't hate school but there family was falling apart. At the age of 11 he dropped out of school and joined a band and played on the streets. As hes life started to pick up off the ground he started playing in small clubs, funerals, and parades around town.

Joe Oliver the best cornet player around started to be his mentor. When Oliver moved to Chicago, Louis took he's stop in the band called Kid Ory's Band. A leading group at that time in New Orleans. Later, that years he got a job to work on river boats and left for Mississippi to have a chance at a real gig.

He got a gig to play as Oliver's 2nd trumpet in his band. He recorded and traveled with the band in 1922. He kept improving and 7 years later he traveled back to New York to make his Broadway appearance.

He made many songs like Potato Head Blues and Star Dust. In 1942 Armstrong married Lucille Wilson, a dancer at Cotton Club, a place where he performed. The purchased a home in Queens and lived there the rest of there life. In 1971 he died at the age of 69.

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Progressive Political Cartoon

This illustration show George B. Cortelyou (guys in red) the American Cabinet Secretary turned a vice to Squeeze money into a bloated man for Roosevelt's Campaign (him in the back right)