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April 2022


College Access is excited to announce that Carlos E. Avila, MSFM, has been offered and accepted a position in the division of Economic and Business Development at Bristol Community College, as the Associate Director of Career and Technical Trainings. Carlos has worked for College Access for 3 years and has been an invaluable leader to our team.

Throughout his tenure in College Access, Carlos has been a catalyst in the development and implementation of many programs, including Access Academy and more notably the Commonwealth's Early College designations with B.M.C Durfee High School, New Bedford High School and Argosy Collegiate Charter School.

In his new role, he will oversee the development and implementation of career and technical training opportunities to engage stakeholders and expand on sustainable career options. As part of his new role, Carlos will also be working on Bristol's NOWI team.

We hope you’ll join us in congratulating Carlos on his outstanding contributions to this department, and we’re wishing him the best of luck in his new position.

Thank You, Old Colony RVTHS!

April Meeting Minutes

  • Guest presenters Vanessa Ruggieri and Donnie Taveras provided information on the Admissions process at Bristol Community College as well as, information on diversity engagement.
  • Nikita Viera provided updates regarding Perkins, Articulation Agreement, and Fall course offerings as well as, a Career Exploration Day Opportunity: May 4th, Radio & Television Broadcasting.
  • Dr. Kimberly Griffith shared information regarding the most recent student progress reporting cycle as well as, the summer registration process.

  • Nikita Viera will be the primary point of contact for all things related to Perkins and CVTE programs.

For information on a Peer Mentorship Position through College Access, please review the job listing here: Peer Mentor - (Part-Time)

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Career Day!

Career Exploration Day is intended for CVTE students interested in Communications. This event is open to any CVTE student who wants to explore the educational opportunities in Social Media Marketing, Journalism, Radio & TV Broadcasting & Podcasting. Students attending this event will have an opportunity to attend a tabling event during the lunch hour so students can peruse different Bristol resources that would be available to them.

To facilitate transportation for the schools that require it and to order enough food for lunch, we would need a headcount no later than April 26th. Additionally, any student who participates would need to be vaccinated and show proof of vaccination.

I look forward to hosting your students on our Fall River campus!

Summer Course Offerings

Below is the list of College Access programs and courses available through those designated programs. Summer Dual Enrollment registration opens April 4th. The deadline for summer registration is July 11th. Please visit our website for the most recent student application.

CDEP - Open to all eligible students.

Summer Session I: May 31

  • BIO 117 (61881)
  • SOC 101 (61879) - Testing Required
  • PSY 101 (61880) - Testing Required

Early College - Durfee Designated

Summer Session I: May 31

  • HST 111 (61878)

Perkins - Open to eligible CVTE students

Summer Session III: July11th

  • CSS 101 (61892)
  • HST 111 (61884)
  • PSY 101 (61885)
  • BIO 111 (61883)
  • COM 101 (61900)
  • ENG 101 (61889)
  • SPA 101 (61890)
  • SPA 102 (61891)

Access Academy - Open to all eligible students.

Summer Session III: July 11

  • MTH 152 (61882) - Testing Required

College Access Eligibility Guidelines

Students must be:

  • Currently enrolled in a public secondary school, non-public school, or home school.
  • Must not have earned a high school diploma.
  • Must meet all course prerequisites per the course policies of Bristol Community College.
  • Have a minimum cumulative high school GPA of 2.0 or show potential for academic success.
  • Maintain a GPA of at least 2.5 at Bristol to continue in dual enrollment.
  • Contact your High School Guidance Counselor to participate.
  • Submit a completed Bristol Dual Enrollment Application which includes: **
    • Student Application
    • Guidance Department Authorization Form
    • Copy of most recent Transcript
    • Official copy of any applicable testing scores

** Incomplete applications will not be processed. All documents should be legible and submitted to

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Spring CVTE Implementation Meeting Planning

The CVTE Implementation Committee will be resuming "in-person" meetings in the Spring. The following schools volunteered to host our meetings. Please keep in mind that RSVPs will be required for ALL Spring meetings, as the hosting schools will need to plan for the meeting based on participant headcount. Should you have any questions regarding the upcoming meetings, please feel free to contact Nikita at

May: Attleboro

June: Durfee High School

Articulation Agreement Renewals

Throughout the next few weeks, Superintendents will continue receiving DocuSign requests to renew Bristol's CVTE Articulations for your school. Due to a delay not caused by your district, Bristol's CVTE programs will continue to honor the agreements for your students seeking articulated credits.

There have been a few significant changes to the CVTE Articulation process, and I've highlighted the most important of those changes below.

  • The format of the Articulation has been streamlined to clarify the terms of the agreement between the two institutions to include a Purpose, Guiding Principles, General Requirements and Ongoing Collaboration.
  • The timeframe for the renewal has been removed with the caveat that a new agreement would be required in the event there is a significant curriculum change in either the secondary partner's Chapter 74 program or Bristol's program.

These changes are intended to streamline the articulation process as well as, improve transparency of information across both institutions. Thank you in advance for your help with the renewal of these Articulations. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Nikita at

Upcoming Events

Career Day: Radio & Television Broadcasting

Wednesday, May 4th, 10am-1pm

777 Elsbree Street

Fall River, MA

CVTE Implementation Committee Meeting

Wednesday, May 11th, 11:30am

100 Rathbun Willard Drive

Attleboro, MA

Kindly RSVP by April 29th!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.