The Dangers Of Fraud

By: Holden Smith

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Fraud - Intentional deception for gain

Fraud is a clever and malicious scheme that many people fall victim to every day.

Types of Fraud

There are three main types of fraud that are commonly seen throughout email and SMS use. These are:

  1. Phishing & Smishing
  2. Retail/Auction Fraud
  3. Work at Home

Fishing and Smishing is a form of Fraud where fake emails or messages are sent to get someone to provide personal Information.

Retail/Auction Fraud is when you buy something and you don't receive it and your card is still charged for the transaction.

Work at Home are job offers to get personal information from you. Purchasing fake kits for "easy" work at home offers are commonly involved.

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How to Avoid Fraud

Avoiding Fraud is very simple:

  • Do not reply to emails with personal information
  • Research institutions; look at customer ratings
If you think it is too good to be true, IT IS!!!