Be Very Very Quiet!

An Amazing Kodu Adventure!

Kodu is searching for the precious Gem of King Rüeger...

Expert archaeologist, Professor Kodu has spent the last 3 years searching for the precious Gem of King Rüeger and he has finally found it, carefully guarded by the evil Dr Letch, on Dark Island. In order to return the Gem to its rightful place, Kodu must steal it. Can you help?

Professor Kodu

Professor Indiana Kodu is a well respected archaeologists who spends months travelling around the world, searching for ancient artefacts. In the past few years alone, Professor Kodu has managed to find the Staff of Savar, King Cameron's Crown and Queen Ruby's Ruby, all of which are on public view at the Galloway Museum of Old Stuff, where he works. He is one smart, cool professor.


Be Very Very Quiet