Inventions of the 1960's

By: Michael Tran


All of the inventions in the 1960's made huge impacts on the world. Some of the inventions helped make life easier to live and some just made it more entertaining. The invention of the first computer game "Space War" was a two-player game. The game provided the players with a Space ship and torpedoes. The objective of the game was to destroy the enemy while avoiding the gravitational pull of the sun. Another invention from the 1960's was the Halogen lamp. This new light bulb was a lot brighter but used less energy than a normal light bulb. But the invention that had the biggest impact on the world had to be the internet. Without the internet, you wouldn't be able to present your "Smore presentation" for Mrs. Marks 1st period class.



Invented in 1969 by the "DARPA". It was originally invented for scientist so they could post and answer questions they had. There wasn't just one person who invented the internet, But without these people, the internet would not exist. the internet was just a way to view and share information that someone puts on a server.
Internet History


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