Conflict in the Congo

Civil Conflict


.Location boundary dispute

.Civil Conflict

.War was from August 1998 - July 2003

. Between the Lissouba & Sassau Nguesso governments

.The Sassau Nguesso government wants Denis in power


Centriputal forces: Coffee beans, Cult of personalities

Centrifugal forces: Size, Location of Capital, Separatism in Katanga


.April 1994: Huge genocide

.July 1994: An estimated 50,000 people were killed

.November 1994: Camps become militarized

.Late 1997: ALIR was formed

. June 1998: UN Issues and investigation

.August 1998: president Laurent Kabila orders army to leave country

.August 1998: Zimbabwe, Angola and Namibia help Kabila get rid of the Rwandan army

.August 1998: ALIR joins Kabila's side

.June 2000: Uganda and Rwanda fight over Kinshasa

.January 2001: President Kabila is assassinated and his son takes office

Type of state

. Multi-Nation State

. Has a diverse culture