Posiedon and Athena by:Heyden D

The long lasting rivalry


Poseidon was mostly known by fishermen because he was the god of the sea. Also he was on of the big three, the three most powerful gods. His symbols are the Trident, Dolphin, Horse, Bull, Fish, and Tidal Waves. I think a hero that would be like him is Katara the girl from Avatar because she is a water bender.

Similarities: They're water benders, both famous, both could be make believe.

Non-similarities: She's a girl he's a boy, not as powerful, he's a god she's mortal, he's greedy she's not, she's very nice, he's violent.

Poseidons personalty's

He was sometimes very, very, violent, but other times he was kind and calm, both are personality's of the sea.

Poseidon's family and friends

He mostly associated with his wife Amphitritre. Sometimes he was with his brothers and sisters on Mount Olympus, Zeus, Hera, Hades, Hestia, and Demeter. Also his son Triton and his friend Apollo.

Poseidon's physical features

He is very strong and tall. A hero that could relate to him are football players because you have to be tall and strong to play.

The myth

Both Poseidon and Athena wanted to be the patron god of Attica. The king said who ever gave the better gift won. Poseidon smashed a rock with his trident and it sprung salty water so they couldn't drink it, so Athena won with the

olive tree. In Poseidon's rage he flooded the city. SInce the city's patron god is Athena the city's new name is Athens. Poseidon and Athena are still rivals now.

Poseidon's interview.

Me: Hello Poseidon, I heard you and Athena got into another argument.

P: We did but it was her fault.

Me: Why?

P: She kept bragging about being the patron god of Athens.

Me: Ok, well what about you and your wife Amphitrite?

P: She is very nice and kind yet powerful, we're a perfect match.

Me: how about you and Zeus.

P: We still don't get along cause we're brothers so we have something to argue with all the time.

Me: Are you and Hephaestus friends?

P: We barely talk or associate.

Me: How about Apollo and Artemis?

P: I barely see Artemis, and me and Apollo don't talk or acknowledge acknowledge each other.

Me: Is your son Triton doing ok too?

P: He is great, going around causing mischief as usual.

M: That's good to hear, is your kingdom holding up?

P: Yes it's good its pretty lonely though, all we have is the cyclopes in the forge.

Me: Do any monster attack you?

P: Sometimes the occasional dumb one will attack, but I just have to flick my finger and they die.

Me: Well we only have 1 minute left, but i'm out of questions so see you next time.

P: Bye thanks for the talk.