Sponsor Our Classroom

6th grade social studies-Mrs. Steadman

Purpose: To help provide technology to our classroom.

My name is Melissa Steadman and I teach 6th grade social studies at Union Local Middle School. I am starting a campaign to help students in my classroom called "Sponsor Our Classroom" where local businesses can help by donating money to purchase MUCH NEEDED technology in our classroom. My goal is to have a chromebook for each of my classroom students. Our local students are not getting the opportunity to compete with other students around the world due to our out-of-date technology. I want my students to be able to "explore" the world around us and learn about history using the Internet with chromebooks. If this campaign works, I would like to help out the other wonderful teachers at ULMS by raising money for them too! It would be great for all of the teachers in our building to have the proper technology needed to meet the needs of their students.


Thank You....

I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to read over our flyer along with the attached material. Any amount that you could donate would help achieve our classroom goal of $8000.00. This amount includes the following: 25 chromebooks and a computer/charging cart.